Importance of letter V.

  The V is Symbolic of Victory, Venus (the planet), Vulnerability, Virtue, Victorious, Vain, Very, Vow, Various, voice, Vice/Versa, Volume, as for in a Name: Vanessa, When appearing in your name or the name of people you meet it is confirmation that you are moving well on your journey and you are completing a journey of some kind. Nothing is by accident. In your own name, it is confirmation that you will bring fruition to many projects in your lifetime, therefore denoting and hinting at a basis in philanthropy.

Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

Suppose you have planted a mango seed at your home. You visit abroad for greener pastures and want the mangoes of the plant you sowed at your home, then you cannot eat them because you are abroad. Suppose, you didn't go abroad for greener pastures then you can definitely enjoy the sweet mangoes of the mango tree you planted for a lifetime. Your first job is like a seed. If you want to enjoy long-term benefits then stick to your first job as long as you are respected for your work. Don't forget to learn at your job because it is as good as watering the mango plant at your home. If you don't learn along with your job then you won't be growing. If there are any bad colleagues at work then don't forget to take action on them by covertly reporting against them to your closest superiors. This is like spraying pesticides in case of pests against your mango tree. Never be too jealous of spoiling your neighbors' mango tree because what you give is what you get. At the sa

What if I become PM of India?

The first thing I will implement is 100% demonetization. India will no more invest in defense/ military but in neighboring nations like Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. I will officially stay in Pakistan for 6 months until all the misunderstandings between the two nations are totally resolved forever. The government will be automated from the birth till death of a Citizen using e-Governance. A baby born in India will be given an e-Passport as soon as s/he is born using a digital App. There will be no paper-based work but everything will be online through e-Governance. Strict laws against sexual offenders and corruption. Minimize private transport as much as possible to save fuel, foreign exchange, and stop Climate Change. Ola and Uber kind of organizations will handle the public transport in India while providing employment to many. Private cars will be taxed heavily. Free food and free quality education for all children across India irrespective of their economic bac

What we should do as Indian Movie Directors/ Producers?

See, I agree there is a dark side of society in every Nation and not all are aware of it. Unfortunately, those who are not aware of it are exposed to it through Indian films. What is the point in showing too much negativity in the movies and spoiling our future generation? Didn't everyone like 'Maine Pyar Kiya', 'Geetanjali', 'Independence Day', 'Jurassic Park', etc? The most common things in these movies are there are no criminals in these movies except for some Extra-Terrestrials or dinosaurs. These movies attracted audiences like anything because the theme surrounding them was LOVE. So, I advise Indian Movie Directors and Producers to stop showing violence in their movies to have a better future generation. The movies should be surrounded with true patriotism or love without too much violence. I know you, folks, will agree with me! Remember what you sow is what you reap.

Tip to Indian farmers on trashing excessive tomatoes.

Good morning, Farmers! I remember watching on TV in India several times where farmers trash their excessive tomatoes with crushers when there is excessive produce. What is the point in doing that? Can't you, farmers, make tomato pickle or sell to someone who makes tomato pickle for making a good profit? This tomato pickle can be stored for more than 1 year and all parties can make good money. Tomato soup, tomato puree, or canned tomatoes are the other options available. The same logic applies to all the excess produce during seasons. Sincerely yours, Vasanth

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