Why providing free food to kids is beneficial?

If every restaurant, both big and small, provide free food to kids below 18 years across the world, then we will have the below benefits: The restaurants will have free word-of-mouth publicity. We will be ensuring that kids can focus on their studies or pursue their interests thus building a stronger society in the future. There will be a lesser crime rate in society. There will be less wastage of food in the restaurants and they will be serving fresh food to their customers. Nobody on Earth will be starved out of food. Every restaurant owner and its staff will be gaining pious karma which will follow them throughout their lives. We will be building an equal and strong economy for the world by providing the basic necessity to every kid irrespective of their economic background. There will be lesser fuel burning across the country because we are delegating cooking to restaurants alone. Many poor families can avoid cooking and stop burning fuels. You know that we will be stopping CLIMATE

What if I become the Richest on The Planet?

First, I will call Bill Gates and thank him. Later I will contact Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Ambanis, and Infosys Founders to give me funds and advise me on the best way to eradicate poverty globally. I will seek some funds from them and add 20% of my wealth for feeding every kid below 18 years with free meals across India through Akshaya Patra. The meals will have sweet every day for my kids. The egg is occasional and there will be no NV served. I will keep 30% of my wealth in my parents' and my brother Sashi's name so that they can take care of me just in case I lose money. I will retain 20% of the Riches with my wife and my family. The remaining 20% to encourage R&D for creating wealth and employment opportunities across the globe preferably in Africa. The remaining 10% of my wealth will be distributed as per my will among my past classmates, some of my good friends, relatives, my co-patients, and staff at AJRC.

Climate Change is not a joke!

The current torrential rains and the floods across the Planet are the consequences of Climate Change. How do we avoid Climate Change? Simple! Encourage everything with e-, namely, e -Commerce/ e -Business, E lectric-Vehicles, e -Workplace, and e -Governance. This will save us from burning fossil fuels. At the same time discourage anything that has no e-, for example, levy heavy duties on purchases made at physical stores and petrol/diesel vehicles along with petrol/diesel, and tax people who work/ visit at the office. This has to be done as e arly as possible. e -Governance is the future. The government can be automated and become transparent with e-Governance. Check  IBM . Unfortunately, it is the common man who is suffering due to the consequences of Climate Change caused by the rich. Read

My memories filled me with gratitude for Americans!

I was selected for a contract position in Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford, without even being interviewed. This was the first expression of love towards me by some then Indo-Americans. Unfortunately, my head was 'injured' at a salon by a possible implant, and started hearing 24x7 voices. I felt incompetent to drive and my fellow colleagues used to take pains in taking me to work. For a month of time, I wasn't really conscious and I forgot about eating food. Whenever I used to go to the cafeteria in Sun Microsystems, I used to find my wallet missing, and the kind POS person used to give me a fruit salad without taking money. I never returned back the money though she helped me twice like that. GOD bless her and every American. One day, my friend left home early and I had no clue how to book a taxi then. So, I decided to walk 10 miles back home and I really don't remember the way back. Then an Angel American who was going in a topless car watched me and gave me a drive near

The Best Bosses in my career!

Let me list down the best bosses in my career in chronological order below. Srihari Babu Koppaka (The first and the last person who put his assuring palm on my back when I was in deep trauma and mental shock. He even promised to make me the next to him in his PacketWare.) Srinivas Nallamottu (The one who pursued me by offering me the best offer of those times.) Mallikharjuna Rao  (The boss with whom I slept when I was under fear of seeing a ghost near a graveyard. Nothing was wrong because I felt he was like my father's younger brother. He offered me a USD100k salary though I was not performing at work.) Mallareddy Karra  (He is the most forgiving of All my bosses. As I was gone mad, I felt my first love came to The USA and started staying in his home, so under that illusion, I misbehaved with his spouse. Still, he understood that I was innocent and spared me twice. He always offered me good food.) Raghu Ponnapalli  (I first met him at Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford. He is really c

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