How to stop rapes in India?

The government of India must pass a GO that women have the right to kill rapists during or after the crime. The new law should say that if a woman proves that a person tried to assault her sexually, she can evade the punishment even in case of the death of the rapist for her retaliation. I recommend women hit the rapist’s sexual organs, if possible, before the rape happens. Prevention is better than cure.

The Creators created only two communities!

It is mankind, divided and conquered by The Creators, with communal feelings conceptualized by mankind. Actually, I believe The Creators came up with only two communities. Those are male and female! We call these communities genders. There are no negative communal feelings between men and women but only love and affection. Let us follow The Creators and love each other. I see only male or female in others but not religion, caste, or creed. When everybody across the globe starts seeing and thinking from this angle, there will be no wars or negative feelings among the global population.

Our Pledge to Avoid Corruption as an Organization.

The Central Vigilance Commission acknowledges the commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity & good governance and to promote ethical business practices in the conduct of activities by your organization by adopting the Integrity Pledge.

Some useful websites.

Hi Friends, Good morning! Please find below some useful websites I know that are free. https://maarg.startupindia. Thank you! Regards, Vasanth

How India can be developed?

India will be on the list of developed nations worldwide by just being the 'Land of Opportunities. With the Land of Opportunities, I mean every Indian resident should be provided with an equal and unbiased opportunity to learn and work for the betterment of the native's life and that of the society. The USA was developed because it stood as a Land of Opportunities. If we, Indians, can acquire this strategy of giving a chance to every resident to learn and work, then only the sky is the limit to improvement in living standards in India. Nobody will leave India once it starts providing equal opportunity for All. Forget brain drain and brain dump.
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