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What is the best dating advice you have ever been given?

Don’t date just to possess sex, which you'll easily get from a hooker or a sex doll. Remember, you're dating a true person, with feelings and emotions—not a person. Imagine the reverse—you’re the girl and your date may be a guy and vice-versa. Be sensitive and realize the results of a relationship. One false move could hurt the person you're dating and therefore the consequences might be irreversible. Be careful who you’re dating. Dating an individual you don’t love could end in negative consequences. Remember, the opposite person has an independent mind and freedom of thought. Some people don't have a mature mind such as you. You'll get into something from which you'll never recover and regret it for the remainder of your life. Do not pretend. Be yourself. Dating isn't an employment interview, therefore don’t be too serious. The simplest thanks to entering the primary date are to decorate up the way you usually dress up under normal circumstances. Remember,

What is your definition of success?

Success can be defined in many ways. Google success meaning to see: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. "there is a thin line between success and failure" Now let me throw light on my definition of being successful in life. Keep me happy and be passionate about the work I do while enjoying the smallest things in life. Keep my parents and siblings happy by sharing my success with them. Keep my spouse and my kids happy by providing everything they deserve and crave for. Keep my kith and kin, my teachers, and my well-wishers happy by being supportive towards them and share good moments with them. Make my teachers and well-wishers proud for helping me out. Do something useful to society which benefits all and makes me proud of the contributions. Love to be remembered that there was one 'V' who changed the world. Have enough money to do charity. Fulfill the destiny for which God has created me and sent me to this world. Be grateful to God for everything. Please feel

Top 7 challenges of Mankind.

We at Fallov are always striving to make The World a Better Place to Live for All. Thinking from this aspect we are throwing light on the top 7 challenges Mankind is facing at present. We request all our Lovers to help overcome these challenges with their helping hands and blessing lips. Let us list down the top 7 challenges mankind is facing with our thoughts on how to resolve them: Rumors, Lies & Wrong propaganda.  BCI chips from Neuralink in every Human can bring everyone on to the same knowledge platform. These chips can be connected to supercomputers across the world to gather information on happenings across the Planet. Nobody is left behind with a BCI chip. Energy.  Our energy requirements will be growing exponentially with the urbanization of the Planet. Collective research by United Nations on Hydrogen based fuel cells can solve our Energy concerns. Environment.  Burning fossil fuels for Energy is causing Climate Change. This could again be resolved by Hydrogen based fuel

What is your thought about love and friendship?

Friendship is about sharing happiness/ sorrows with each other and Love is about caring for each other. Everyone in my opinion falls in love with some person and cares for that person to the moon and back. It is important to remember both friendships and especially love to survive on mutual respect. Where there is no respect there will be no love. Remember to not be disrespectful with your Love. Reciprocation or expressing gratitude makes your relationship more fun. To make a positive impact on your love affair you must make the best impression in the first attempt. The first impression is the best impression. Along with this make sure you groom each other when you both come in touch. Remember your dad/ mom is your first lover and so don't do anything which will upset them and ultimately you. The reason behind this statement is our ancestors said that parents are the living GODs, so keep them happy to be blessed by GOD with everything you deserve and aspire for. A person who is not

Most popular song from a patriotic movie!


Our dream: Global Union!

Aspiring Global Union for The Flat World. Establishing Eternal Peace on Our Planet will be possible with The Global Union. Modern technology has bought all classes of people in the world together making them collaborate in achieving even the daunted tasks for our Humans in the past. So let us All share our views below on how we All can start living in Global Union where we All Humans are Equal and United like our family members. The major advantage of The Global Union is saving Our Planet from annihilation by possible wars, in case we are divided, and instead, divert defence budgets of All Nations to improve the living standards of All our Humans. I wish we achieve this goal by 2022 making people across the world visit/study/work/settle in any member Nation of The Global Union. I wish Russia, China, the European Union, and The United States of America initially join hands in realizing this cherished dream of our ancestors. We, Indians, already believe World is our Earthly Family saying

Advice for all the Lovers out there!

The most beautiful thing in GOD’s Creation is falling in love with someone. Even GOD likes those that fall in love and blesses them with all the simplest things they deserve. Falling in love is typically accidental and one can fall in love anytime with anybody. A bit like the way you're expecting your soulmate to return into your life, your soulmate as well expecting you. Everything looks positive and delightful in your life once you start feeling crazy for someone. Love has no barriers and true love is blind. True love can even defeat GOD and alter your destiny. Unconditional love causes you to feel to measure for your love. Falling in love also keeps one physically and mentally healthy for it helps in creating some good hormones in our body which was proven scientifically. Never express your feelings for your love with others, until you express those feelings together with your love because which will have serious repercussions like your love being snatched away. Make the primary

Why Fallov is better than many matchfinding Apps?

Unlike dating apps in the market currently, Fallov discourages fake profiles as much as possible using mobile verification followed by an AI module to filter fake profiles. The AI enables Fallov to detect the face, age, and gender of the member's photo. This prevents 90% of fake profiles and creates trust among our members to communicate with each other. Now comes the plethora of communication channels provided for the members of the Fallov. They are listed below- WhatsApp (Optional, member toggle this. Only serious match-finders can try this) Chat (Optional, offline messages are forwarded to the recipient's email address) Voice (Only live, with then online members) Video (Only live, with then online members) Receive chat notifications over the web Fallov allows its members to search for their matches or new friends locally/ globally using search options from gender, profession, age group, and maximum distance away from them. This feature allows one to choose one's friend/

Praying to GOD to bless Fallov.

We pray to Lord Shree Ganesha to bless us,  Fallov , and its stakeholders with good wisdom and a bright future forever by removing all the obstacles on our path to success!! We pray to Lord Jesus to bless us, Fallov , and every stakeholder with peace, happiness, prosperity, and lots of love! Amen. We offer our prayers to Allah to bless Everybody on the Planet Fallov... to fall in LOVE ! Here is how GOD is everywhere?
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