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My thoughts on E=mc²!

Albert Einstein is famous for his E = mc² theory. This says that Energy = Mass x ( Speed of Light )². This means Mass = Energy / ( Speed of Light )². We all know whatever we see is Space which is nothing but Mass. Mass can be converted to Energy from this theory of Einstein. Light is a  W ave and this theory (=) is  I nformation which we are comprehending. From the above statements, we can derive Everything are  S pace and E nergy. Note c, the speed of light, is constant implying distance traveled and time taken are relative to each other. Our ancestors quoted Time as a Cycle which means there is no beginning and end in a Cycle that keeps rotating. This means the rotation keeps on happening and Time is repetitive. The relativity theory from Einstein makes me feel that Time is an Illusion. Everything is W ave. I nformation. S pace. E nergy (WISE). Kindly correct me if I am wrong. Read more.

Importance of a Teacher in Life!

Life is like a forest where cruel animals, reptiles, and unseen potholes prevent us from reaching our destination. A guide is essential in traversing the forest safely without being victimized by cruel animals, killed by reptiles, or falling in potholes. The guide knows where there are potholes in the forest, how to save himself/ his followers from the cruel animals and reptiles. Similarly, one needs a teacher who can guide him/ her to be successful in reaching the goals in one's life. Saying this I thank all my teachers for guiding me to date. Thank you! BTW, one of my best teachers is my experience ;) I sincerely thank all the people who taught me lessons in the past. GOD bless All.

India needs a Command Center to control the Corona pandemic!

Recently, I saw requests for help and contacts to help on social media in a very haphazard manner which might not help All always. Today we Indians and Indian origin people are not making a united or collective effort in resolving the issues arisen by the Corona pandemic. This is leading to the redundancy of resources at some places and scarcity of resources at some other places. As said too many cooks spoil the broth. I believe a Central Command Center must be created by the Government of India so that every resource that is being bought into India from abroad/ locally is tracked by this Center and it guides the people at the front-line in procuring these resources. If there is no Central Command Center for this help then we are surely missing the point and will be in trouble. Act now! We desperately need a system to be developed for this Central Command Center to win in this fight against the Corona pandemic. Planning and implementation of such a system to monitor and control the pan

Eid Mubarak!


How to stop The Corona Third Wave in India?

As an adage "Prevention is better than cure." meaning it's easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. Here, I will share my thoughts on how to prevent The Corona Third Wave in India in the first place. Increase the production and import of COVID vaccine to 25 crores doses per month. I understand that current Indian pharma players are already busy increasing their manufacturing capacity to 10 crores doses per month. We need to import the remaining 15 crores doses per month. Since this is a national emergency and we can divert our defense funds to the procurement of COVID vaccine from the EU, China, or Russia. The US vaccine needs very low temperatures for storage and so cannot be imported to India. As Mr.Premji, ex-Chairman of Wipro, said we must delegate the vaccination to the private sector in India so that they can ramp up the vaccination process in India. Restricting the vaccination to Government hospitals wil

How to recover from COVID-19 in home?

After exposure to someone who has COVID-19, do the following: Call your health care provider or COVID-19 hotline to seek out where and when to urge a test. Cooperate with contact tracing procedures to prevent the spread of the virus. If testing isn't available, stay home and far away from others for 14 days. While you're in quarantine, don't attend work, high school, or public places. Ask someone to bring you supplies. Keep a minimum of a 1-meter distance from others, even from your relations. Wear a medical mask to guard others, including if/when you would like to hunt medical aid. Clean your hands frequently. Stay in a separate room from other relations, and if impossible, wear a medical mask. Keep the space well-ventilated. If you share an area, place beds a minimum of 1 meter apart. Monitor yourself for any symptoms for 14 days. Call your health care provider immediately if you've got any of those danger signs: difficulty breathing, loss of speech or mobility, confu

Happy May Day!

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