India needs a Command Center to control the Corona pandemic!

India needs a Command Center to control the Corona pandemic!

Recently, I saw requests for help and contacts to help on social media in a very haphazard manner which might not help All always. Today we Indians and Indian origin people are not making a united or collective effort in resolving the issues arisen by the Corona pandemic. This is leading to the redundancy of resources at some places and scarcity of resources at some other places. As said too many cooks spoil the broth. I believe a Central Command Center must be created by the Government of India so that every resource that is being bought into India from abroad/ locally is tracked by this Center and it guides the people at the front-line in procuring these resources. If there is no Central Command Center for this help then we are surely missing the point and will be in trouble. Act now! We desperately need a system to be developed for this Central Command Center to win in this fight against the Corona pandemic. Planning and implementation of such a system to monitor and control the pandemic is the need of the hour for systematic allocation of resources.

This portal should expect every availability of resources needed for the pandemic to be registered followed by the request of resources by the needy. This will save a lot of trouble and pain for the suffering Indians. Such a portal will avoid people running here and there during trouble.


  1. Resource Types: Oxygen/ Medical Equipment/ Ambulance/ Beds/ Doctors/ Nurses/ Drugs

    Use cases for this portal are:
    Manage Users Signup & SignIn (Admin/ Provider/ Consumer)
    Manage Resources (Allocate/ Request/ Search/ Deallocate)


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