Hinduism is the Mother of All Religions!

 All Religions Worship One GOD.

I agree it is not easy to digest with the title above that all the religions on Earth are derived from Hinduism. For proofs read How GOD is Omnipresent? and What is Soul? Also, check The 4 Vedas.

According to The History of mankind, there were only Hindus in Bharat (now Indian subcontinent) and Muslim invaders followed by the British forced some of our Indian Ancestors to follow Islam or Christianity. We all know the origin of Christianity is 2000+ years only and that of Islam is 700+ years only. Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma existed even before Christianity and Islam.

Sanatana Dharma meaning Eternal Religion is the first of the kind on Earth. Thus Sanatana Dharma and its followers Hindus migrated to several parts of the globe in search of resources and due to the climate in the new destinations, they turned into Whites. Many may ridicule this but this cannot be denied. I agree the Stone Age Man was first from Africa and He slowly migrated to other regions like then Bharat (Indian subcontinent). Due to the rich resources in then Bharat these people explored and gained a lot of Knowledge and encoded them into 4 Vedas.

I remember reading that Prophet Muhammad was ostracized by Hindu Brahmins which made him come up with the Quran a rewrite of the 4 Vedas he learned from these Brahmins. Maybe this is the reason why there is a saying 'Hindu Muslim, Bhai Bhai'.

Ultimately, I want to end this article by saying that We All Are One following different religions but worship the same and one God. Thanks!


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