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Climate Change is not a joke!

The current torrential rains and the floods across the Planet are the consequences of Climate Change. How do we avoid Climate Change? Simple! Encourage everything with e-, namely, e -Commerce/ e -Business, E lectric-Vehicles, e -Workplace, and e -Governance. This will save us from burning fossil fuels. At the same time discourage anything that has no e-, for example, levy heavy duties on purchases made at physical stores and petrol/diesel vehicles along with petrol/diesel, and tax people who work/ visit at the office. This has to be done as e arly as possible. e -Governance is the future. The government can be automated and become transparent with e-Governance. Check  IBM . Unfortunately, it is the common man who is suffering due to the consequences of Climate Change caused by the rich. Read

My memories filled me with gratitude for Americans!

I was selected for a contract position in Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford, without even being interviewed. This was the first expression of love towards me by some then Indo-Americans. Unfortunately, my head was 'injured' at a salon by a possible implant, and started hearing 24x7 voices. I felt incompetent to drive and my fellow colleagues used to take pains in taking me to work. For a month of time, I wasn't really conscious and I forgot about eating food. Whenever I used to go to the cafeteria in Sun Microsystems, I used to find my wallet missing, and the kind POS person used to give me a fruit salad without taking money. I never returned back the money though she helped me twice like that. GOD bless her and every American. One day, my friend left home early and I had no clue how to book a taxi then. So, I decided to walk 10 miles back home and I really don't remember the way back. Then an Angel American who was going in a topless car watched me and gave me a drive near

The Best Bosses in my career!

Let me list down the best bosses in my career in chronological order below. Srihari Babu Koppaka (The first and the last person who put his assuring palm on my back when I was in deep trauma and mental shock. He even promised to make me the next to him in his PacketWare.) Srinivas Nallamottu (The one who pursued me by offering me the best offer of those times.) Mallikharjuna Rao  (The boss with whom I slept when I was under fear of seeing a ghost near a graveyard. Nothing was wrong because I felt he was like my father's younger brother. He offered me a USD100k salary though I was not performing at work.) Mallareddy Karra  (He is the most forgiving of All my bosses. As I was gone mad, I felt my first love came to The USA and started staying in his home, so under that illusion, I misbehaved with his spouse. Still, he understood that I was innocent and spared me twice. He always offered me good food.) Raghu Ponnapalli  (I first met him at Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford. He is really c

How The USA will END?

Yes, the title has no typos. You read it right. Yes, The USA will END for sure because Nothing is permanent! The 7 Continents on The Planet Earth will be merged into 1 Global Union with The US-based businesses already ruling the world. This is how The USA will 'suicide' and help erase borders to make Global Union a reality. At least some Intelligence Agents knew that I was willing to die for America, so don't take the pains of escalating this post to them. They are well aware of all this. Waiting to say 'RIP America and GOD bless Global Union ', the dream Britishers dreamed of. I love The USA more than any Indian on This Planet because of the way Americans treated me during my stay there though short and painful. Period. My love for the Americans will never end but at the same time, my empathy for my fellow humans across the globe dominates my love for Americans. Actually, this post is a spell to avoid the END of True America & Americans. I wish America doesn&#

My prayers for All.

My heart really melted when one of my friends came forward to help me with my personal project. I felt he wanted my blessings for good health. When I recollected the atrocities in Afghanistan then I prayed to GOD asking 'GOD, Please bless All with good wisdom, good health (both mental and physical), and bright future. Amen!' Hope this helps All including the Taliban. Thanks!!

Real Success&Happiness come with TRUE LOVE!

  I am sharing these thoughts from my personal experience of true love. As soon as you fall in love, there is someone in your life and mind who motivates you to be a better person thus bringing improvement in your thinking process. Once the thinking process improves with love that itself brings hormonal changes in the body. These cyclic outcomes of love can make a person better and even the best Human ultimately. You will be reaching peaks of success with true love in your mind forever. With success comes happiness. So, what is LOVE? Love is an emotional feeling of doing something good for our loved ones like parents, friends, siblings, offspring, relatives, and the common public. Just fall in LOVE with someone who inspires you and you will be soon tasting your good mind filled with great thoughts achieving happiness. Love doesn't expect anything but only gives. Once you start giving you will be blessed by The Almighty along with the living beings around you and you will be on the

On rewriting Apps, in old technology.

During my 25 years of career, I mostly observed that the cash-rich Corporates were busy adopting the new technology. In this fury, they were willing to shell out lots of money for rewriting their IT applications, in old technology, using new technology thus adding more bugs and wasting T&M. Actually, this helped India and Indians to learn technology and domain from their US counterparts. At the same time, Indians were avoided from doing R&D stuff on their own. I found that these rewriting projects wasted money on these Corporates, but helped Indians to come on par with them in terms of IT technology. These IT rewriting must be automated by creating tools for transforming their current IT apps from old technology into new technology. At least semi-automated with minimal Human intervention. This will speed up the process, improve quality, and will be productizing translating the existing code base of IT app into new technology, thus making more money and saving time for All parti

Hinduism is the Mother of All Religions!

  I agree it is not easy to digest with the title above that all the religions on Earth are derived from Hinduism. For proofs read  How GOD is Omnipresent?  and What is Soul?  Also, check The 4 Vedas . According to The History of mankind, there were only Hindus in Bharat (now Indian subcontinent) and Muslim invaders followed by the British forced some of our Indian Ancestors to follow Islam or Christianity. We all know the origin of Christianity is 2000+ years only and that of Islam is 700+ years only. Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma existed even before Christianity and Islam. Sanatana Dharma meaning Eternal Religion is the first of the kind on Earth. Thus Sanatana Dharma and its followers Hindus migrated to several parts of the globe in search of resources and due to the climate in the new destinations, they turned into Whites. Many may ridicule this but this cannot be denied. I agree the Stone Age Man was first from Africa and He slowly migrated to other regions like then Bharat (Indian

My dream, a Lovers' Paradise!

Until I saw a beggar eating our family's thrown away food on the railway platform at Nandan Nilekani Zoo during my childhood days, I didn't realize about the poor people and their sufferings due to poverty. This had a major impact on my thinking and I always wished I should do something for the World by eliminating poverty. During my teen days, as I was not that matured then and not attached I wished a war could kill the poor and thus eliminate their sufferings along with the poverty in our Nation. The reason behind such thinking was my teachers taught me that overpopulation is the cause of poverty in India. As I was growing up and having been fallen in first love I became too much attached and wished with my ever-giving nature I should make enough riches to distribute money across the globe. My dreams shattered when I was made 'insane' by my colleagues at my first employer and I had to see the other side of the love, the hatred. Luckily, there were still some Angels wh


WE press CTRL-W to close the current window on our Devices. Maybe there must be a similar combination for The Creators to close the World with one hot-key. Just kidding ;) Love the way CTRL-W closes the current window. Thanks for smiling :) Such a big W indow closed by a single hot-key!! I know CTRL-V is used to paste! Today I am so pleased to learn that CTRL-W hotkey can close a window of even millions of pixels ;) What an easy way to close the window, right?
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