My memories filled me with gratitude for Americans!

The True American Spirit.

I was selected for a contract position in Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford, without even being interviewed. This was the first expression of love towards me by some then Indo-Americans. Unfortunately, my head was 'injured' at a salon by a possible implant, and started hearing 24x7 voices. I felt incompetent to drive and my fellow colleagues used to take pains in taking me to work. For a month of time, I wasn't really conscious and I forgot about eating food. Whenever I used to go to the cafeteria in Sun Microsystems, I used to find my wallet missing, and the kind POS person used to give me a fruit salad without taking money. I never returned back the money though she helped me twice like that. GOD bless her and every American. One day, my friend left home early and I had no clue how to book a taxi then. So, I decided to walk 10 miles back home and I really don't remember the way back. Then an Angel American who was going in a topless car watched me and gave me a drive near a bakery at my apartments then. I am not sure whether I will meet him again, but I am grateful to Him and will give back the same kind of courtesy to every American. I still owe my bread and butter to America and our Indian farmers.

I used to call 911 several times due to the hearing voices, but the Police there were kind enough to offer me medicine free of cost. This American Spirit will never END. GOD bless All.


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