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All Ranks. One Pay.

I was sitting in the Tirupati Airport lounge waiting for my flight. Being an empathetic person, my heart melted when I saw a sweeper cleaning the lounge I was sitting. Then I felt that every Human works 8 hours per day with equal energy. I felt very bad that she is being paid lesser than the person who works only 2 hours out of 8 hours in an IT company. This made me propose All Ranks, One Pay because we all are equal before our Constitution. Then why not equal pay for all except for benefits varying based on the designation or role played by the Citizen. I agree if a District Collector gets more benefits like Car, Bungalow, Servant Maids, etc., but All Employees should get the same pay irrespective of the rank or work we do. This will get an economically flat world. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Future of The IT Industry: Software Plumbing.

Like how water flows through the pipelines in our daily water management system, the data will flow through the software pipelines being processed, modified, and enhanced using software plumbing. Here data is like water and software pipelines are connected using mediators like nuts and bolts at the connection. So, there will be no code programming using dashboards to manage the software pipelines starting from the source (input) to the destination (output). These dashboards follow the CRUD principle in managing the software pipes. The software vendors will be busy developing generic pipes for each use case.
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