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My Deja Vu.

The year, 2022, started for me with a love affair with a school teacher from Odisha. I never thought I will fall in love again but it happened after 30 years of infatuation, which too failed in 1998. The school teacher with whom I fell in love made me go through several emotions in the month of February 2022 since we met each other on three consecutive days on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of February 2022. It was a very exciting experience to meet a girl after 12 years of celibacy. Strangely, I was out of this world as per Google Timeline for three days though I was consciously working for my favorite employer, Infosys then. My mobile was not switched off but seems I was down and traveled to another parallel Universe. Maybe my love for this strange lover bought me back to our Universe. I know you are waiting for the Deja Vu I mentioned in the title above. I will come to it in the next para. After lots of emotional trauma and my attachment to my lover made me leave Infosys' contract pos

Einstein: GOD never plays dice!

Let me jump directly into the topic. We, ordinary Humans, play dice to enjoy the uncertainty of the game. So, for us playing dice is random. When it comes to The GOD, it isn't and HE never plays dice. This quote from Einstein can be interpreted as GOD knowing Everything including The Future. Yes, if time is a cycle then definitely our destiny is decided by Him as good as the programmer decides the way an App behaves!
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