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My core beliefs!

I strongly believe in the following things- Honesty pays. Yes, a person once loses trust in his/her circle suffers to survive or maintain relationships. Trust once gone will not return. This is the reason why I give preference to being Honest. Money earned by cheating others will be lost along with the original. Hard work pays. Luck helps one in only some cases, whereas hard work helps one gain experience irrespective of failure or success. A person who works hard saves for a rainy season. Laziness gives only obesity followed by health issues. Working hard keeps on healthy thus saving bank balance. GOD is Everywhere. Yes, God is omnipresent. No doubt on this :) The truth will triumph. Yes, if one hides truth which is like holding burning charcoal in one's hands. The more one tries to hide the truth the more the pain. Never hide the truth, if you wish to be happy and peaceful. Another advantage of being truthful is one will be surrounded by only friends matching one's interests

Clarification on Brahmam Gari KalaGyanam.

Please find some of my views on Brahmam Gari's predictions today. Before that those who are not aware of Brahmam Garu, please read this article on Wikipedia . Out of 7 places, 6 places will be destroyed and 1 place will remain! This means with the urbanization happening exponentially 7 Villages will end merging into 1 City. Similarly, 7 Continents will be united as 1 Global Union. There will be many heads in a family. Father is no more the Head of Family! This means there will be more than two people working from a home. Land & Hill will be flattened! This means social media will bring everyone on to the same level with their platform. An example for this Twitter putting a two year ban on POTUS. Both rich and poor will be having similar life standards in the coming future. A flat world will come into existence. All Six religions will be One! Check this  Article on Quora ! Good businessmen will perish! This means businessmen only seeking profit will perish. Businesses like Flipk

Significance of Snake in Hindu Mythology.

Whenever one sees a snake is feared of death. You might see Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu with a snake as a necklace and as a bed respectively. Whereas Lord Brahma is never seen with a snake. Before reading further go through What is 786? Some say that Time is like a Cycle that gives rebirth and death. Similarly, a snake can shed its skin four and twelve times a year. Snake also indicates rebirth and death. In Hindu astrology, the word 'Kala Sarpa Dosha' reminds us that Time is considered Snake, which gives rebirth and death. The above photos mean both Lord Shiva (Neutron) and Lord Vishnu (Electron) can be destroyed  in Time. Whereas, Lord Brahma (Proton) cannot be destroyed . This is how our Ancestors encoded Science in Hinduism and believed in rebirth/recycle/reincarnation. Don't you see that our Ancestors were really wise in hiding these details in the form of idols we worship every day? I also believe that whatever The Hindu Gods and Goddesses hold with their hands are th

Future of SEO!

Google started with the concept of PR, Page Rank! PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. With Black Hat SEO Google slowly eliminated the Page Rank concept. As the Black Hat SEO personnel were getting smart so was Google. Black Hat SEO is most commonly defined as a disapproved practice that nevertheless could increase a page's ranking in a search engine result page (​SERP). This is not a good idea because SEO is a kind of cheating Google but not really user-friendly. I believe social media signals are the best way to tap the public opinion of a website and instead of PR, Google must focus on social media signals for ranking a page in its Search Results. This will stop Black Hat SEO for social media cannot be manipulated. Attributing to the huge success of social media Google must start to realize its potential and tap the same. As the number of people reachi

Future‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌IT‌ ‌industry.‌

Today we from Fallov Team will throw light on the future of the IT industry. AI and ML will prevail everywhere. WFH will be a common norm. Consulting and staffing will be more common in developing nations like India. The permanent staff to consulting staff ratio will be coming down because MNCs will hire talent on an ad-hoc basis. Software Engineering could be as simple as plumbing in the future with third-party widgets/plugins coming into the market. Autonomous Databases and Autonomous Cloud will be the future eliminating the need for DB Admins and DevOps. Cyber Security professionals will be demanding the highest pay scale in the future. Social media will enter all geographies across the globe erasing borders, thus, bringing news and information to everyone instantly. The advent of BCI chips from Elon Musk’s Neuralink can make our Humans into Super Humans. The BFSI industry will gradually shrink into one to two banks per Nation. IT MNCs from India will be productizing every requireme

Less is More. More is Less.

Today I will discuss my thoughts on “Less is More. More is Less.” Suppose a Developer writes lots of code for sorting an array of numbers, then it is of no use because s/he is wasting time in reinventing the wheel. See this Developer is writing more code and wasting more time which is less efficient. One should know that the API for sorting an array is already available. Thus More is Less. Whereas, if a Developer learns or searches on Google for finding the solution of a problem, understands the solution found, and then implements it then s/he is writing less code and saving more time.  Thus Less is More. So, it should be kept in mind that one should always look for open-source tools or free widgets on Google before implementing the same ourselves. This will not only save our time but also save money and lead to less Total Cost of Ownership. I end this article by saying “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” Writing reusable code and productizing such code can be good assets of the IT department

How to retain top performers?

We are currently in The Information Age which gives power to those with Knowledge. Top performers are those with Knowledge through their continuous learning. What you thought relevant yesterday is obsolete today. So, retaining such top performers is good for the employer and their clients. The question is how do we retain such top performers. We will be throwing light on this below. Give them Respect. Without respect towards your employees, there will be no love or interest in work. Especially, according to Chanakya noble people (in our case top performers) crave respect first prior to money and other material criteria. The respect shouldn't be superficial but practical by treating your employees as your partners. Treat their ideas with respect though it is against your opinions. Have Trust. Without trust, you cannot delegate work to your subordinates. If you don't trust your employees then you have to either micro-manage or burden yourself with that job. With trust, both parti
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