Clarification on Brahmam Gari KalaGyanam.

Brahmam Garu.

Please find some of my views on Brahmam Gari's predictions today. Before that those who are not aware of Brahmam Garu, please read this article on Wikipedia.

Out of 7 places, 6 places will be destroyed and 1 place will remain!

This means with the urbanization happening exponentially 7 Villages will end merging into 1 City. Similarly, 7 Continents will be united as 1 Global Union.

There will be many heads in a family. Father is no more the Head of Family!

This means there will be more than two people working from a home.

Land & Hill will be flattened!

This means social media will bring everyone on to the same level with their platform. An example for this Twitter putting a two year ban on POTUS. Both rich and poor will be having similar life standards in the coming future. A flat world will come into existence.

All Six religions will be One!

Check this Article on Quora!

Good businessmen will perish!

This means businessmen only seeking profit will perish. Businesses like Flipkart, Swiggy, PayTM, Ola, and other eCommerce setups lure their customers by giving them extra benefits/ 'bribes' for using their services. Businesses like WhatsApp that don't make profits directly will flourish.

Brahmins will end!

This means there will be no more Brahmins who were so traditional and ethical during our Ancestors' Age. Everyone will be having inter-caste marriage thus eliminating castes.


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