What I always remember and never forget!

Start Giving

Dear Fallovers,

Since my childhood, I was never jealous of others for any reason. I was contented and happy with whatever I had because I always enjoyed giving, and I knew that The Creators gave me this habit as part of my DNA. I always enjoyed giving though it used to hurt me sometimes.

In this life journey, I knew I came empty-handed and will leave empty-handed, so my aim was always to positively impact society so that everybody thinks like me and helps the needy. I even remember days when my classmates used to copy from me, and my teachers gave them more marks to them, but I never felt terrible about it and used to boast that I got 200/40 marks for I helped them pass the exams. As I matured, I realized that my teachers wanted to discourage my habit of allowing others to copy me by giving me fewer marks. I even enjoyed my girl classmates getting more marks than me, which was a mutual feeling.

So, remember, if everyone starts sharing and giving their food to the needy, there will be no poverty and hatred across the planet. Just think from my angle, and you will see your mother in every mother and your sister in every sister, of course, not your wife in everybody's wife. Being positive comes from being ethical, which comes from ancestral DNA.

Let me end here and remind you that once you start giving, you will also begin receiving. The Creators have created so many Galaxies; can't they give back? Think and think about this.

GOD bless All.

Sincerely Yours,



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