How to retain top performers?

Retaining top performers!

We are currently in The Information Age which gives power to those with Knowledge. Top performers are those with Knowledge through their continuous learning. What you thought relevant yesterday is obsolete today. So, retaining such top performers is good for the employer and their clients. The question is how do we retain such top performers. We will be throwing light on this below.

  1. Give them Respect.
    • Without respect towards your employees, there will be no love or interest in work. Especially, according to Chanakya noble people (in our case top performers) crave respect first prior to money and other material criteria. The respect shouldn't be superficial but practical by treating your employees as your partners. Treat their ideas with respect though it is against your opinions.
  2. Have Trust.
    • Without trust, you cannot delegate work to your subordinates. If you don't trust your employees then you have to either micro-manage or burden yourself with that job. With trust, both parties will have relief because the work gets done by the top performers with little supervision. Servants are to be tested during little supervision. It is the loyal employees who contribute to the organization under little supervision.
  3. Make them Adapt.
    • Train your new employees to make them adapt to your organization and start delivering tasks as soon as possible. Top performers are good mentors in doing such knowledge transfer and that as well allows them to move to the next position. If they don't adapt then they are forced to stick to their current position alone.
  4. Treat them like an Asset.
    • Yes, let every employee in the organization treat your top performers as not just an asset of the employer but also for every employee.
  5. Don't hesitate to Correct.
    • Nobody is born perfect. So, never hesitate to correct your top performers in case of mistakes at work in private. Also, remember to praise them openly in public.
  6. Invest.
    • Yes, invest in them by encouraging them with ESOPs and other perks to keep them happy. Let your top performers grow along with your organization.
  7. Test.
    • Test your top performers before you promote them because with power comes responsibility. Not all behave the same way after achieving authority. Ensure you trust your top performer in the next position before promotion. This will keep their teams happy.
  8. Give them Rest.
    • Ensure your employees get enough rest and maintain a happy work-life balance.
  9. Let them be the Best.
    • Encourage your employees to be their best at work by creating such an environment.
  10. Don't Neglect.
    • Never neglect the voices raised or suggestions given by your employees. At least, correct them if they are wrong by giving proper feedback. Some suggestions might be really good so don't hesitate to implement them.


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