My core beliefs!

With my 7th classmate, Ramanjaneyulu, and his son, Vijay!

I strongly believe in the following things-

Honesty pays.

Yes, a person once loses trust in his/her circle suffers to survive or maintain relationships. Trust once gone will not return. This is the reason why I give preference to being Honest. Money earned by cheating others will be lost along with the original.

Hard work pays.

Luck helps one in only some cases, whereas hard work helps one gain experience irrespective of failure or success. A person who works hard saves for a rainy season. Laziness gives only obesity followed by health issues. Working hard keeps on healthy thus saving bank balance.

GOD is Everywhere.

Yes, God is omnipresent. No doubt on this :)

The truth will triumph.

Yes, if one hides truth which is like holding burning charcoal in one's hands. The more one tries to hide the truth the more the pain. Never hide the truth, if you wish to be happy and peaceful. Another advantage of being truthful is one will be surrounded by only friends matching one's interests or views. It is the truth that makes Sunrise in the East and set in the West every day.

GOD knows Everything.

If GOD is everywhere, why can't He know everything?

What you give is what you get.

This is Karma Theory. I believe in Chanakya's quote 'As a calf follows its mother among a thousand cows, so the (good or bad) deeds of a man follow him.'


  1. Nice! I believe myself and also anyone can improve their thinking and can get a better way to live their life after reading this amazing blog.


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