Less is More. More is Less.

Less is More. More is Less.

Today I will discuss my thoughts on “Less is More. More is Less.”

Suppose a Developer writes lots of code for sorting an array of numbers, then it is of no use because s/he is wasting time in reinventing the wheel. See this Developer is writing more code and wasting more time which is less efficient. One should know that the API for sorting an array is already available. Thus More is Less.

Whereas, if a Developer learns or searches on Google for finding the solution of a problem, understands the solution found, and then implements it then s/he is writing less code and saving more time.  Thus Less is More.

So, it should be kept in mind that one should always look for open-source tools or free widgets on Google before implementing the same ourselves. This will not only save our time but also save money and lead to less Total Cost of Ownership.

I end this article by saying “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” Writing reusable code and productizing such code can be good assets of the IT department of any organization. Remember to train your employees to always keep learning and make it a continuous habit. Look before your jump to a conclusion or implementation. This saves one’s time.


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