How The USA will END?

Yes, the title has no typos. You read it right. Yes, The USA will END for sure because Nothing is permanent! The 7 Continents on The Planet Earth will be merged into 1 Global Union with The US-based businesses already ruling the world. This is how The USA will 'suicide' and help erase borders to make Global Union a reality.

At least some Intelligence Agents knew that I was willing to die for America, so don't take the pains of escalating this post to them. They are well aware of all this. Waiting to say 'RIP America and GOD bless Global Union', the dream Britishers dreamed of.

I love The USA more than any Indian on This Planet because of the way Americans treated me during my stay there though short and painful. Period. My love for the Americans will never end but at the same time, my empathy for my fellow humans across the globe dominates my love for Americans. Actually, this post is a spell to avoid the END of True America & Americans.

I wish America doesn't get isolated as an island and leads this Planet towards 1 Global Union. This will keep Americans as the best leaders in the history of mankind. GOD bless All.

The way the COVID-19 pandemic united the Planet and will unite gives me more faith in the borderless Global Union. Did you ever imagine working for America from Araku Valley? I dreamed of it 27 years back.

One Planet. One Global Union.


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