Our dream: Global Union!

Global Union

Aspiring Global Union for The Flat World. Establishing Eternal Peace on Our Planet will be possible with The Global Union. Modern technology has bought all classes of people in the world together making them collaborate in achieving even the daunted tasks for our Humans in the past. So let us All share our views below on how we All can start living in Global Union where we All Humans are Equal and United like our family members. The major advantage of The Global Union is saving Our Planet from annihilation by possible wars, in case we are divided, and instead, divert defence budgets of All Nations to improve the living standards of All our Humans. I wish we achieve this goal by 2022 making people across the world visit/study/work/settle in any member Nation of The Global Union. I wish Russia, China, the European Union, and The United States of America initially join hands in realizing this cherished dream of our ancestors. We, Indians, already believe World is our Earthly Family saying “Vasudhaika Kutumbam”. We even say “Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavantu” meaning Let All people live happily. I went a step further and said “Sarva Jeeva Koti Sukhinobhavantu” meaning Let All living beings live happily. No discrimination.

Meanwhile, let me share my expectations from Global Union:

I wish this thought of mine saves trillions of Euros every year for the entire world. I dedicate this thought to Queen Elizabeth II and my Nagulakonda dynasty. God bless All. All, Amen.


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