My dream, a Lovers' Paradise!

Fall in LOVE!

Until I saw a beggar eating our family's thrown away food on the railway platform at Nandan Nilekani Zoo during my childhood days, I didn't realize about the poor people and their sufferings due to poverty. This had a major impact on my thinking and I always wished I should do something for the World by eliminating poverty. During my teen days, as I was not that matured then and not attached I wished a war could kill the poor and thus eliminate their sufferings along with the poverty in our Nation. The reason behind such thinking was my teachers taught me that overpopulation is the cause of poverty in India.

As I was growing up and having been fallen in first love I became too much attached and wished with my ever-giving nature I should make enough riches to distribute money across the globe. My dreams shattered when I was made 'insane' by my colleagues at my first employer and I had to see the other side of the love, the hatred. Luckily, there were still some Angels who helped me recover completely, after nearly two decades of suffering, with their magical hands and affection. Even, now the dream of eradicating poverty has not been erased from my mind and I contribute to society both directly and indirectly towards my dream.

I wish there was a society where there is no hatred, but only pure love, with Humanism by sharing and giving among All. I don't want Humans to only inhale and exhale, eat and excrete, but also live and let live with a true love for All.

Thanks for and helping me lead the World towards my childhood dream.


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