On rewriting Apps, in old technology.

Rewriting Apps.

During my 25 years of career, I mostly observed that the cash-rich Corporates were busy adopting the new technology. In this fury, they were willing to shell out lots of money for rewriting their IT applications, in old technology, using new technology thus adding more bugs and wasting T&M. Actually, this helped India and Indians to learn technology and domain from their US counterparts. At the same time, Indians were avoided from doing R&D stuff on their own. I found that these rewriting projects wasted money on these Corporates, but helped Indians to come on par with them in terms of IT technology.

These IT rewriting must be automated by creating tools for transforming their current IT apps from old technology into new technology. At least semi-automated with minimal Human intervention. This will speed up the process, improve quality, and will be productizing translating the existing code base of IT app into new technology, thus making more money and saving time for All parties. This translator/transformer product can make recurring revenue as well.

Recently, I observed we, Indians, are lagging behind in the R&D that is happening in Developed Nations especially, 3D printing, 4D printing, Robotics, BCI technology, Prosthetics, and Quantum Computing. At the same time, India lags in the manufacturing sector, especially under Electronics & IT Hardware.


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