How to stop The Corona Third Wave in India?

How to prevent Corona Third Wave in India?

As an adage "Prevention is better than cure." meaning it's easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. Here, I will share my thoughts on how to prevent The Corona Third Wave in India in the first place.

  1. Increase the production and import of COVID vaccine to 25 crores doses per month. I understand that current Indian pharma players are already busy increasing their manufacturing capacity to 10 crores doses per month. We need to import the remaining 15 crores doses per month. Since this is a national emergency and we can divert our defense funds to the procurement of COVID vaccine from the EU, China, or Russia. The US vaccine needs very low temperatures for storage and so cannot be imported to India.
  2. As Mr.Premji, ex-Chairman of Wipro, said we must delegate the vaccination to the private sector in India so that they can ramp up the vaccination process in India. Restricting the vaccination to Government hospitals will not help us in reaching every remote corner of India.
  3. The Government of India should pay the private sector for this vaccination to the public for free. This kind of partnership between GoI and the private sector can help everyone.
  4. The private sector must be given the freedom to import the COVID vaccine and use their existing infrastructure to vaccinate 15+ crore Indians monthly with nearly 10 crores Indians with the second dose.
  5. Within 6 months from now, we will have more than 100+ crore Indians vaccinated so we will be safe. The above 4 steps will at least take 1 month.
  6. Keep public servants aware of the consequences of The Third Wave and prepare for it in case we get any signals of it before 2-3 months.
  7. Be positive and let us stay united to be safe during this pandemic.

Jai Hind!! United We Stand. Get Vaccinated & Save All.


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