My thoughts on E=mc²!

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is famous for his E = mc² theory. This says that Energy = Mass x (Speed of Light)².

This means Mass = Energy / (Speed of Light)².

We all know whatever we see is Space which is nothing but Mass. Mass can be converted to Energy from this theory of Einstein.

Light is a Wave and this theory (=) is Information which we are comprehending. From the above statements, we can derive Everything are Space and Energy. Note c, the speed of light, is constant implying distance traveled and time taken are relative to each other. Our ancestors quoted Time as a Cycle which means there is no beginning and end in a Cycle that keeps rotating. This means the rotation keeps on happening and Time is repetitive. The relativity theory from Einstein makes me feel that Time is an Illusion.

Everything is Wave.Information.Space.Energy (WISE). Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

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