Top 7 challenges of Mankind.

Challenges mankind is facing!

We at Fallov are always striving to make The World a Better Place to Live for All. Thinking from this aspect we are throwing light on the top 7 challenges Mankind is facing at present. We request all our Lovers to help overcome these challenges with their helping hands and blessing lips.

Let us list down the top 7 challenges mankind is facing with our thoughts on how to resolve them:

  1. Rumors, Lies & Wrong propaganda. BCI chips from Neuralink in every Human can bring everyone on to the same knowledge platform. These chips can be connected to supercomputers across the world to gather information on happenings across the Planet. Nobody is left behind with a BCI chip.
  2. Energy. Our energy requirements will be growing exponentially with the urbanization of the Planet. Collective research by United Nations on Hydrogen based fuel cells can solve our Energy concerns.
  3. Environment. Burning fossil fuels for Energy is causing Climate Change. This could again be resolved by Hydrogen based fuel cells. I don't recommend Electric Vehicles for this.
  4. Food and Water. People in Africa are the ones who starve without food and water. Israel must educate all the countries in the world especially Africa in cultivating food and recycling water so that 50% of the problem is solved. Let our Israelis make Africa a food basket of the Planet.
  5. Poverty. This is a very interesting man-made problem. This can be resolved if the employers don't do Charity but distribute their wealth among their employees which enables to reduce the gap between the Rich and the Poor. The employees can in turn do more Charity than the employers can.
  6. Wars. I don't have to waste my time writing about wars. The solution for stopping wars is open and friendly diplomacy to achieve Global Union.
  7. Disease and Human Suffering. Let United Nations share their R&D on discovering medicines for diseases and thus alleviate human suffering across the world.
Use Fallov responsibly and help us alleviate the above challenges for the good of all our Humans and fellow living beings. One common word to address all these challenges is COOPERATION. Together we can save the Planet.


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