What is your thought about love and friendship?

Love & Friendship

Friendship is about sharing happiness/ sorrows with each other and Love is about caring for each other. Everyone in my opinion falls in love with some person and cares for that person to the moon and back.

It is important to remember both friendships and especially love to survive on mutual respect. Where there is no respect there will be no love. Remember to not be disrespectful with your Love. Reciprocation or expressing gratitude makes your relationship more fun.

To make a positive impact on your love affair you must make the best impression in the first attempt. The first impression is the best impression. Along with this make sure you groom each other when you both come in touch.

Remember your dad/ mom is your first lover and so don't do anything which will upset them and ultimately you. The reason behind this statement is our ancestors said that parents are the living GODs, so keep them happy to be blessed by GOD with everything you deserve and aspire for. A person who is not grateful to one's parents cannot be a good friend. I hope it is pretty obvious and doesn't need any explanation. At the same time don't forget to respect your teachers, mentors, and teaching staff who always wish you to be a good Citizen. If GOD gets angry then your Guru can save you, but if your Guru gets angry then even GOD cannot save you.

So, make the best first impression, respect, have gratitude, and care to be successful in your love affair as well as in your life.

Please feel free to enter your comments below. Thank you!


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