Who is the best philanthropist from India?

Jamsetji Tata

India has had many great philanthropists throughout history, and it is difficult to choose just one as the "best." However, one of India’s most well-known and respected philanthropists is Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group.

Jamsetji Tata pioneered the Indian industry and is widely regarded as the "father of Indian industry." However, he was also known for his philanthropic work, which focused on education, healthcare, and social welfare. He established several institutions, including the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, the Indian Institute of Science, and the Tata Memorial Hospital, all of which significantly impact Indian society.

Today, the Tata Trusts, which Jamsetji Tata established in 1892, continue to be one of the largest philanthropic organisations in India, supporting a range of social causes, from healthcare to education to rural development.


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