7 positive aspects of COVID-19.

Positive aspects of COVID-19.

1. Improved relations.

Most of the employees realized the value of their families during this pandemic, which proved that it is the family that stays with one during difficult times but not their employer. Everyone started loving their family members more than their job due to lockdown. Good employers stood apart from their bad counterparts by encouraging Work From Home for their employees and not cutting down their paychecks. Employees started having a good work-life balance due to COVID-19. There was also improved co-operation among Nations. Some families lost their householder's job or family members to let them know the value of relations which is ofcourse sad. The real frenemies were exposed during this pandemic which is good for all of us.

2. Less traffic, less pollution, & better environment.

Since many employers encouraged their employees telecommute or remote work this helped many of us to stay at home and save time & money by avoiding travel to work thus reducing traffic causing less pollution and a denser ozone layer for better environment. This better environment would have even helped other animals and species which might have gone extinct without the Corona pandemic.

3. Public got health conscious and healthier.

Until the pandemic started many people were careless about their health and there were more people admitted to hospitals for emergencies earlier. This has come down a lot during the last one year because of the cleaner air due to better environment and also rise in public awareness about taking care of their health. People became more healthy due to good work-life balance.

4. New trends of education.

Kids and children during this lockdown were attracted to new trends of online education and many of them got acquainted with computers thus making everyone IT savvy. This trend mushroomed many online Ed-Tech startups of which many are into huge gains. This new norm will be there to stay.

5. Rise in food delivery startups.

As many people were not allowed to leave their homes during lockdown the food delivery startups across the world have seen an exponential rise in their customers and thier orders. This kind of business is here to stay until the 3D food printers arrive into the market which can connect to the Internet and print the dish of our taste.

6. Profitable pharmaceutical businesses.

Do we need an explanation on why pharmaceutical firms had exponential growth in their business during this pandemic? No, right! We all know that these firms are minting money during this period.

7. Realestate rates dropped in metros.

Since many IT employees left the metros and moved to their hometowns the realestate prices in metros dropped unexpectedly thus encouraging some people to buy realestate in metros. At the same there was a spike in realestate prices in towns thus creating developed towns.



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