Why providing free food to kids is beneficial?

Akshaya Patra

If every restaurant, both big and small, provide free food to kids below 18 years across the world, then we will have the below benefits:

  1. The restaurants will have free word-of-mouth publicity.
  2. We will be ensuring that kids can focus on their studies or pursue their interests thus building a stronger society in the future.
  3. There will be a lesser crime rate in society.
  4. There will be less wastage of food in the restaurants and they will be serving fresh food to their customers.
  5. Nobody on Earth will be starved out of food.
  6. Every restaurant owner and its staff will be gaining pious karma which will follow them throughout their lives.
  7. We will be building an equal and strong economy for the world by providing the basic necessity to every kid irrespective of their economic background.
  8. There will be lesser fuel burning across the country because we are delegating cooking to restaurants alone. Many poor families can avoid cooking and stop burning fuels. You know that we will be stopping CLIMATE CHANGE with this.
  9. The food can be prepared by the restaurants at wholesale prices, thus saving money for all.
  10. You can get petty tasks done by some of the kids, who are served free food. This brings benefits to all the parties involved.
  11. The kids will be loyal to society after growing in their lives.


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