7 Reasons Why Falling in Love is Totally Worth It.

From the moment you meet that special someone, it’s almost as if all of your worries and problems fly out the window and you forget about anything else in the world. If you’ve never been in love before, this might sound like an exaggeration – but it’s completely true! Falling in love with someone can be an emotional roller coaster, but experiencing those ups and downs will result in a much more rewarding relationship than if you’d never felt them at all. Here are seven reasons why falling in love is totally worth it!

1) Fulfilling

Romantic relationships can be very fulfilling, both emotionally and physically. The love of another person fills emotional needs that we may not know were there. If you’re having trouble feeling fulfilled by your romantic relationship, try spending more time with your significant other—maybe even go on a couple’s vacation together. There’s nothing like spending some alone time with someone special to really help you fall back in love.

2) Unforgettable

Romance isn’t just about getting your heartbeat up or holding hands with someone you love—it’s also about creativity. One study found that people who are in love have brains that light up in the same areas as when they are being creative, which means there could be a link between loving and creating. Whatever it may be, romance can inspire you to create art, music, poetry, etc.—and these things are sure to touch someone else out there.

3) Creative

When you fall in love, your creative side comes out! You suddenly think of all these things that you can do together. Whether it’s watching movies or singing songs, both of you will get to explore new activities with each other. Not only are there advantages to spending time creatively, but you also get to bring out your emotions when with your partner. Whether it’s happy or sad, he/she knows how to make you feel better by making silly faces at yourself when you’re upset.

4) Magical

According to an international study, when it comes to falling in love, humans are far more likely to follow their hearts than their brains. Researchers found that when individuals are in love, their brains have low activity in regions involved with critical thinking. However, when people fall out of love or go through a heartbreak (according to researchers), their brain activity rises again and becomes similar to what it was before they met their partner.

5) Inspiring

A love story can be a great way to inspire readers. Just make sure you’re clear about who your target audience is—otherwise, you may fall into cliché territory. Even when you know exactly who will connect with your piece, it can be difficult to share yourself so intimately. Consider sharing an excerpt from one of your favorite love stories instead of writing one of your own; you’ll still feel vulnerable, but not quite as much.

6) Rewarding

No matter how much money you have, it doesn’t stand a chance when you fall in love. There are things that money can’t buy like precious moments spent with your loved one. And no amount of cash can replace the pure joy of seeing their face for what it really means to be in love. For someone who has fallen in love, no price tag could ever make up for all these priceless treasures!

7) Priceless

The act of falling in love is one of life’s most priceless experiences. Even if it doesn’t end happily ever after, falling in love will give you an abundance of beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Here are seven reasons why falling in love is worth it—and shouldn’t be something to fear! -First kisses are unforgettable...And first kisses can be magical and spark moments of true brilliance and imagination. Remember that first kiss? Whether it was by the side of a lake or during recess on your school playground, chances are it's still embedded into your memory.


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