7 Tips for Online Dating

It’s safe to say that online dating has taken the world by storm. Where once you had to worry about running into someone you knew while out on a date, today you have the internet to keep you busy with no chance of embarrassment. If you’re looking to take your dating life online, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help improve your chances of finding love in cyberspace. Here are 7 online dating tips to get you started.

Tip 1

Talk to someone in person. It may seem backward, but when you’re ready to take things offline, try meeting with one or two people in person before moving on to online chatting.

Tip 2

Use Your Profile to Your Advantage - Do not let your pictures do all of your talking. Most people are visual creatures, meaning that they are much more likely to be attracted to you based on your pictures. Try to vary up your picture selection by including several different styles or poses. You should also include a full-body shot, as well as close-ups of each part of your body that you want to be highlighted.

Tip 3

Be Yourself—Really, Though: You may be tempted to give a fake name or not share certain details about yourself. But if you’re going to date online, you need to be open and honest about who you are. If your online dates know that things aren’t quite as they seem from your profile, that can lead to suspicion and doubt. And those aren’t helpful feelings in a relationship—or any kind of relationship for that matter.

Tip 4

Be Yourself. Meeting people online isn’t any different than meeting someone in real life. You can’t be anyone other than yourself when communicating through email or instant messaging, so why would you try to be someone else in person? Use your true personality to entice your date—you don’t need to pretend you’re something you’re not. Don’t feel like putting on a show? You don’t have to.

Tip 5

Flirt. It’s good to be witty and playful, and it’s even better if you can back it up with a little forwardness. A flirty comment or cute quip to break things up can go a long way, but try not to overdo it—you don’t want your online date thinking you’re just out to get laid.

Tip 6

Don’t Fall in Love too Fast: We all want to find love, but falling head over heels for someone you just met online is risky. Take it slow! Don’t reveal too much too soon. Before meeting anyone offline, make sure to meet them several times online first (via video chat or text messaging). Get to know them before you decide if they are right for you. And remember, people can be whoever they want to be online.

Tip 7

Don’t pay to join a site. Seriously, don’t do it. I can’t tell you how many times I have signed up to a free dating site only to realize that in order to use any of their features, including searching their database of potential partners, I had to pay a monthly fee. And then when you try and cancel that payment after realizing it wasn’t worth it, they make it very difficult or impossible for you.


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