My expectations from Modi Ji after taking oath as PM of India again.


PM of India

Good morning, Indians across the Globe!

After Modi Ji takes oath as PM of India again, let me share my thoughts on what I expect from our Honorable PM Modi Ji.

  1. 100% demonetization.
  2. UPDATE caste/ religion columns in all DBs across Indian departments to HU (Human). This will eliminate discrimination based on caste/ religion forever.
  3. 30% reservation for women in all departments/ institutions across India. The reason for this is
    • Women will then have the authority to question in case of doubt.
    • Women are more empathetic than men.
    • Workplace politics will drastically come down due to this.
    • Single moms and poor women will have financial support.
If I were the PM, then I would get these done overnight, and all Indians would see the result the next day morning.

Sincerely Yours,


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